The Sanitas Difference

You skin has the amazing ability to regenerate itself, especially when you treat it with the right balance of stimulation and nourishment. This simple truth is the foundation of the Sanitas Skincare line. Sanitas products offer uniquely effective solutions to common skin care problems, because they utilize substances already present in the skin to stimulate the natural healing processes. These biogenic ingredients work at the cellular level to leverage existing biochemical reactions in the body. A small amount is all that is required to enhance desirable body biochemistry that accelerates tissue regeneration, encourages new cell growth, increases blood supply and stimulates collagen and natural moisture factor production. Sanitas formulations promote healthy skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Biogenic Ingredients

Sanitas products contain high concentrations of active ingredients recognized and readily utilized by the body. These ingredients are referred to as 'biogenic' (mimicking the body's own biology). Biogenic ingredients are elements that already exist in the body, so the body can use them for nourishment without toxicity or allergenicity. This concentration of biogenic active ingredients is one of the reasons that Sanitas Skincare products are so effective.

The biogenic ingredients in Sanitas products help to maintain and improve tone, texture, appearance and overall health of the skin. These materials were chosen for the physiological role in stimulating and nourishing the skin, while protecting against environmental stress.

All Sanitas products are free of parabens, preservatives, harsh surfactants, harsh fragrances and phthalates. Sanitas does not test their products on animals either.