Brows $12

Between Brows $5

Chin $10

Ear $10

Full Face $40

Lower Lip $5

Neck $15

Nostrils $5

Sideburns $10

Upper Lip $10


Brazilian $50

Skinny Bikini $40

Bikini Line $30

Tail Feathers $10

Inner Thigh $15

Buttocks $20


1/2 Arms $30

1/2 Leg $40

Chest $25

Full Arm $40

Full Back $45

Full Leg $55

Lower Back $25

Shoulders $20

Stomach $25

Underarms $15

Nacach Wax

I use only the highest quality Nacach Wax, which has a lower melting temperature and produces a comfortable experience. The reduced temperature is very effective at hair removal and allows for less redness and irritation. These procedures remove the hair from the root, thus decreasing the incidence of in-grown hairs.

Your safety and comfort is extremely important to me and I always follow the highest standards in sanitation and never double dip wax sticks.